Otso Havanto

Vuokko Lahtinen & Otso Havanto – Synesthesia

Vuokko Lahtinen & Otso Havanto – Synesthesia: an audiovisual performance at Ääniaalto 2022. Fragments from Bach’s Cello Suite no.4 for viola and EEG-controlled electronics.

Synesthesia is an exploration of the physiological and emotional act of playing an instrument. As Vuokko Lahtinen improvises a fragmental composition, different physiological measurements such as the brain EEG controls a procedural audiovisual soundscape.

Synesthesia uses an OpenBCI EEG sensor, that measures electrical activity in the brain using electrodes. The measured voltages are processed and sent to TouchDesigner for controlling live visuals and to a synthesizer module for controlling different parameters of granular synthesis.

Vuokko Lahtinen: Viola
Otso Havanto: Visuals, electronics
Ville Harjunen: Scientific advisor

img/Synesthesia-visualisation1.jpg img/Synesthesia-visualisation10.jpg img/Synesthesia-visualisation2.jpg img/Synesthesia-visualisation3.jpg img/Synesthesia-visualisation4.jpg img/Synesthesia-visualisation5.jpg img/Synesthesia-visualisation6.jpg img/Synesthesia-visualisation7.jpg img/Synesthesia-visualisation8.jpg img/Synesthesia-visualisation9.jpg img/Synethesia-performance.jpg img/Synethesia-practice1.jpg img/Synethesia-practice2.jpg