Otso Havanto

Sound design for Kädellinen performance by Sofia Smeds

Kädellinen performance by Sofia Smeds examines the possibilities of contemporary poetry for understanding non-human lifeforms. It critiques anthropocentrism, human centric world view, and examines ways for understanding beyond it.

Sound design for the performance stems from the idea about an interactive composition that transforms in real tame with respect to the performer. Sound acts as an independent being that has a relation to the performing body and text.

Texts for the performance are compilated from poems by Pauliina Haasjoki, Jouni Tossavainen and Jonimatti Joutsijärvi.

Sound design was implemented with various sensors and Pure Data creating a genereative composition consisted of samples and loops created with a modular synthesiser.

img/kadellinen-1.png img/kadellinen-2.png img/kadellinen-3.png img/kadellinen-4.png
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