Short introduction to


errors for aesthetic purposes

Distort an image with text editor

File formats

  • PNG: even small changes can break image completely
  • JPG: small changes don't necessarily produce visible results
  • JPG variations like JPM, JP2 and JXR yield different effects
  • BMP or TIF are uncompressed (?) - smaller effects, won't break easily

JPG and textEdit

JPG and 0xED

Audio effects on images

using Audacity

  1. In Photoshop, save as BMP (File format windows, depth 24bit)
  2. In Audacity: File > Import > Raw Data...
  3. Encoding: U-Law, Byte order: Big-endian, Channels: 1
  4. Select something that looks smooth few seconds from the beginning
  5. Apply an effect
  6. Export > Export multiple...
  7. Format: Other uncompressed files, Header: RAW, Encoding: U-Law

Try different effects

Import multiple images and mix them

Distort image with Python

glitch-tool by Tobias Løfgren

Download glitch-tool

Run Python script in terminal

change parameters

python3 -i ./glitch-this.jpg -m move -a 20 -c 10-100 -b 1-100

Edit video with hex editor

  1. Open video file with hex editor (such as 0xED)
  2. Search and replace. For example:
    • D8 56 to 56 D8 (transposition)
    • D8 56 to D6 58 (substitution)
    • D8 56 to 8D 65 (inversion)
    • D8 56 to 65 8D (retrograde)
    • F8 to E8 (ascent/descent)
  3. Save hex file and open video in VLC