Otso Havanto


Etsin is part of Ars108 exhibition in Nokia 2.7-29.8.2021.

Etsin is built around a small CRT monitor that used to be the viewfinder of a video camera, salvaged from an old TV studio. The monitor displays the image of a security camera, also found from a pile of junk. The piece plays a generative composition based on multiples of 50Hz frequencies. The signal is amplified and played through a speaker and a coil wrapped around the CRT display. The magnetic field of the coil distorts the image based on the frequencies of the composition.

The work plays with the subjective experience of time through different relative references: Drifts in the image caused by small offsets of 50Hz multiples, beating from the interference of adjacent frequencies, the use of obsolete technology and found items, the style of exhibiting the work following the traditions of the visual arts, rhytmical elements of the composition and the anticipation of change in the dissonant sounds.

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