Otso Havanto


Interactive installation: computer graphics, motion sensor, CRT-monitors. Exhibited at FluxIsland Vuotalo 1.-22.2. 2020.

Conform refers to something taking a similar form, nature or character as another entity. A related word, conformity, is the act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours to group norms or politics – following rules and fitting in. In the installation, the abstract cell-like entities react to their surroundings by adapting their form and reflecting their environment.

With this metaphor the installation considers our needs as humans to conform with our surroundings. Also, as the presence of an observer is affecting the dynamics of the installation, the installation studies our intentional and unintended influence to the implicit rules dictating group and societal norms.

Conform is created with the C++ library OpenFrameworks, GLSL fragment shaders and with a Kinect depth sensor. The OpenFrameworks program reacts to Kinect tracking data and controls the fragment shaders. The cube map image textures used in the artwork are 360° images of Vuosaari uploaded to Google Street View.

Image textures:

  • Vuosaaren täyttömäki - Perttu Haliseva - Google Maps Jul 2014< Skatanniemi - Ilkka Korhonen - Google Maps Jun 2016
  • Aurinkolahden uimaranta - joinai - Google Maps 2019
  • Pakettiautomaatti, S-market Columbus - Sarkar Rahman - Google Maps May 2018
  • Unnamed - Sarkar Rahman - Google Maps May 2018
  • Hotel Rantapuisto - Rami Saarikorpi - Google Maps Dec 2016
  • Shopping Center Columbus - Juha Martinmaa - Google Maps Sep 2017


conform/conform1.jpg conform/conform2.jpg conform/conform3.jpg conform/conform4.jpg conform/conform5.jpg conform/conform6.jpg conform/conform7.jpg conform/conform8.jpg