Otso Havanto

Conform at Aaltoja! Festival

Otso Havanto, Otto Belinskij, Patrik Rasi, Johannes Ovaska and Olli Autio

Interactive video installation, 2020-2021

The word ‘conform’ refers to adaptation: taking on a form or character similar to another. In the installation, a visualization created from excerpts recorded in Kotka adapts to its environment by reacting to movement around it. The presence of the viewer, both intentional and unintentional, affects the dynamics of the installation.

Conform explores the idea of the invisible dimensions of the spaces around us. In addition to their physical existence, different locations and spaces also exist in the minds of observers. How does a location look like in the eyes of others, what kind of memories are associated with the place, and how does a space affect our behaviour and actions?

For the work, various locations and things in Kotka that have a special meaning or are otherwise relevant were documented together with Autism Foundation Finland. The locations appear in the textures of the interactive installation and in photographs taken by the team.

The soundscape was created from field recordings at the locations. The recordings were then slowed down tenfold and fed through a resonator.

Conform is made with Touch Designer and custom GLSL shaders.

img/conform_01.jpg img/conform_02.jpg img/conform_03.jpg img/conform_04.jpg img/conform_05.jpg img/conform_06.jpg img/conform_07.jpg img/conform_08.jpg img/conform_09.jpg img/conform_10.jpg img/conform_11.jpg